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Picky Eater Project

Take the drama out of mealtime

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Health Coaching & Consulting

Coaching packages or by the hour. Schedule your free consultation to uncover how you can help your child eat more healthy foods.

Hi, There!

We’re Erinn & Maggie.

Just like lots of other moms, we have ridden the struggle bus of getting our picky kids to eat anything, let alone something healthy. But after year behind the wheel, we have a few tricks up our sleeve and here to help moms like you get their kids trying and liking new foods. 



1:1 Health Coaching

Think of us as your personal cheerleaders and trusted advisors. Coaching can be a game changer to get your eating on track.

Family Nutrition

Healthy eating starts with us, the parents. We have a secret weapon to get your family on the Healthy Train.

put an end to picky eating

It IS possible to get picky eater trying new foods and set them up for a healthy future.

You CAN get your picky eater trying new foods.

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